Downtown PKB's January Board Member Spotlight: Kristen Meeks

Downtown PKB is made up of a 25 member board of directors, all with unique talents that contribute to the success of the organization. Kristin Meeks, the owner of WV Social Media and the newly launched Social Media Marketing Made Simple Online Academy is our Board Member Spotlight this month.

We sat down and talked to Kristin about her involvement in the board, her background and her business.


Q: Downtown PKB has been a part of your story for a while...where did it all first begin with your willingness to become active in Downtown PKB?


A: I grew up in the area but never ventured much past the mall growing up. When I was almost done with my degree at Marietta College I had an opportunity for an internship at the Workforce investment board (Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council). It was first real experience working downtown, eating at the restaurants and exploring a place that I had only heard about from grandparents and great grandparents. My first professional position lead me to meeting my husband who currently still works in downtown.


Through the many phases of our life we would constantly be drawn to down here. Drinks with friends at Spats at the Blennerhassett Hotel, work lunches at Mangos, working out on Quincy Hill steps and with the addition of our daughter taking her to art classes at the Parkersburg Art Center and plays at the Actors Guild.

My philosophy has always been if you want to make some place better ask how you can help. When a fellow board member of mine took this position, I did just that. I first joined the design committee then when a newly formed communication committee began I transitioned there, then that lead to leading that committee until the organization was able to get a position funded to take over that important aspect of what makes Downtown PKB able to continue its efforts.

I was asked to join the board shortly after joining the communications committee and was happy to step in beside people doing good things for our community.


Q: On a professional note, in addition to the time you give to Downtown PKB you run your own business. Could you tell us how that ties into your board member work?


A: I started my business almost 10 years ago because of a need in our community that turned into a need across the United States. As marketing continues to grow digitally there is a real need to help people get their products and services out there.

I had many clients in downtown and feel this is a way I can not only bridge the communication between organizations and business but also help create valuable partnerships between other businesses and organizations striving to do the same thing, revitalize Downtown PKB.


If you want to keep up with Kristin you can follow her online at WVSocialMedia or visit her website 


If you’re interested in getting involved by volunteering, becoming a Partner or sponsoring an event, contact us through our website at



Wendy L. Shriver

Executive Director

Downtown PKB, a Main Street Community

Wendy Shriver