Marvin Edwards Joins PKB Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors continues to grow as we welcome Marvin Edwards, manager of the Point Park Marketplace. Marvin has been at the Marketplace for four years and has had many accomplishments such as managing the High Mark Community Garden, teaming up with Full Circle Yoga to bring yoga to downtown on Wednesday evenings starting in May, the soon to be relocation of The Rustic House from Vienna to the Marketplace and the recent purchase of Maka Mia Pizza in February! As a new board member, we took time to sit down with Marvin to learn more about joining our board and what it means for a small business owner.

Q: What about Downtown PKB appealed to you about joining our Board of Directors?
A: I think it’s a great opportunity to participate in growing our downtown community.

Q: What is your favorite part about serving on Downtown PKB’s Board?
A: I enjoy being part of a like-minded group of people.

Q: As a small business, how does Downtown PKB support you?
A: Downtown PKB supports us by promoting and including us in everything they do.

Q: What would you like to see in downtown in the future?
A:  I would like to see more support for all the downtown businesses.

When visiting downtown, check out the Point Park Marketplace located at 113 Ann Street. The Marketplace is filled with gifts and food for everyone. For more information about the Marketplace and events going on, check out their Facebook at Point Park Marketplace.

If you you’d like to get involved with Downtown PKB through sponsoring one our events or on a committee, feel free to contact Courtney at For a full list of events happening this year and our committees check out our website at

Downtown PKB promotes downtown Parkersburg, fosters economic opportunity and creates community vitality. The goal is to create a vibrant commercial district that will provide downtown businesses, workers and nearby residents with the goods and services they need, as well as create educational, entertainment and tourism opportunities.

Courtney Hendershot, Events & Marketing Coordinator
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Courtney Hendershot