Downtown Parkersburg proves key to BB&T

BB&T in Parkersburg joined our Partner Program in September of 2017. The Partner Program was designed to “help move our organization forward in terms of financial diversification and serve as a way to connect the community to our mission”, says Wendy Shriver, executive director of Downtown PKB. Interested community members and businesses of any size can become a Partner of Downtown.

BB&T is a complete financial services organization with a strong commitment to putting our clients’ needs first. Outside of traditional banking products such as loans and deposits, they provide consultative advice to clients in areas such as commercial and personal insurance needs (BB&T Insurance is the 5th largest insurance broker in the country), merchant services (BB&T is the largest bank owned processor in the country), investment needs, 401k and other retirement services. BB&T’s community banking model allows them to be in the community making local decisions and forgoing strong client relationships.

BB&T currently employs 25 employees in Parkersburg. Within the community, they have personal and business relationships with multiple downtown business from nonprofit organizations to larger for-profit businesses. BB&T encourages their employees to shop local and volunteer their time to give back to the Parkersburg Community.

Thanks to Todd Nestor with BB&T, we were able to gather insight on the organization and the importance of Downtown Parkersburg to their business’s success.

Q: What interested BB&T about Downtown PKB’s Partner Program?

A:  Over the last few years we have made a concerted effort to be more involved in the local community. We see the work and improvement Downtown PKB has made to the area, and we wanted to be involved with all the good things happening downtown. We are excited about being an active participant in the future growth of Downtown Parkersburg.

Q: Why is a vibrant downtown important to BB&T?

A: A vibrant downtown can be the key to success for an area. As we continue to attract prospective businesses to the area, they will look at our downtown as part of their decision-making process, A vibrant downtown, open for business, and backed by a supportive community, organically fosters success and growth. It is a key tenant of our mission statement at BB&T to make the communities in which we work better places to be, and I believe by supporting Downtown PKB and having stronger, vibrant downtown, we are living our mission.  

Q: When you think of downtown Parkersburg, what comes to mind? What do you want the community to know about downtown Parkersburg?

A:  When I think of downtown Parkersburg, I think about opportunity and growth. Market Street and the entire downtown Parkersburg area have a rich history being brought to life once again through the efforts of Downtown PKB and its partners. As a community centric bank, BB&T, is happy to play a role in that revitalization. There have been so many good things happening downtown, and I am confident that we will continue to move forward with future growth. I am excited to see not only retail an office space expansion, but also eagerly anticipate more residential living downtown.

Downtown Parkersburg is a family-friendly place where you can do a variety of shopping and enjoy a nice meal at a number of locally-owned restaurants surrounded by the character and history of one of West Virginia’s most recognized citied.

Q: What makes BB&T viable to our downtown and community?

A: BB&T is a community first, value driven organization. Although one of the largest and financially sound financial institutions in the country, our community banking model allows us to make local decisions. We pride ourselves in having deep and meaningful relationships with our clients to offer customized, in house solutions that uniquely pairs our clients with BB&T employees throughout the relationship building process.

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Courtney Hendershot; Events and Marketing Coordinator

Courtney Hendershot