A Moment with a Champion: United Bank

United Bank in Downtown Parkersburg joined our Partner Program at the end of May this year. The Partner Program was designed to “help move our organization forward in terms of financial diversification and serve as a way to connect the community to our mission”, says Wendy Shriver, executive director of Downtown PKB. Interested community members and businesses of any size can become a Partner of Downtown.

United Bank employs 200 people and assists approximately 75 organizations through volunteerism, donations, and sponsorships. In addition, they are committed to offering small business and commercial lending solutions, as well as the development of affordable housing. We took some time to sit down with United Bank and talk about their outlook on Downtown Parkersburg and its importance to their business’s success.

Q: What interested United Bank about Downtown PKB’S Partner Program?

A: United Bank’s history begins in Parkersburg. United recognizes the importance of thriving communities. We build strong relationships with organizations that support the viability of the communities we serve, such as Downtown PKB. Parkersburg is our hometown and we proudly support it.


Q: As a member of Downtown PKB’s Executive Board, what is something you believe businesses, organizations, and the community should know about Downtown Parkersburg?

A: Downtown Parkersburg is an exciting and thriving area. The Downtown Parkersburg community works tirelessly to continue to make Downtown Parkersburg attractive to prospective businesses and to support those already located downtown.

Q: Why is a vibrant downtown important to United Bank?

A: A vibrant downtown creates new business opportunities for United Bank, as well enriches our community through job creation, economic growth and development.

For more information on how you or your business can support Downtown PKB by joining our Partner Program, visit our website at downtownpkb.com/donate.

Downtown PKB promotes downtown Parkersburg, fosters economic opportunity and creates community vitality. The goal is to create a vibrant commercial district that will provide downtown businesses, workers and nearby residents with the goods and services they need, as well as create educational, entertainment and tourism opportunities.

For more information about how you can get involved, contact Courtney at courtney@downtownpkb.com.

Andrea Shirey