Coming back to Downtown PKB

As a recent graduate from Ohio Northern University and from Marietta, Ohio I am pleased to be the new Events and Marketing Coordinator for Downtown PKB. Last summer I had the opportunity to intern at Downtown PKB, an opportunity I will never regret. A year ago, I was originally supposed to go to Cleveland, but I chose a different route, a route that I am happy I chose.  I completed my internship experience, finished my last year of college, graduated and found my way back to an organization I have grown so fond of.

Downtown PKB, a nonprofit organization, opened my eyes and mind to a variety of marketing techniques and networking opportunities last summer. I look forward to taking what I have learned at Ohio Northern and from last summer, and applying it to my position at Downtown PKB while growing in my professional field. Besides the work side of Downtown PKB, I am excited to get involved in committees and monthly board meetings, as well with the community itself.

Before being introduced to Downtown PKB, I had no knowledge of the National Main Street Organization or those similar to its kind. Downtown PKB has taught and showed me what it takes to bring business in to Downtown Parkersburg, but also to promote Downtown Parkersburg for what is already has. I live right across the river and there were numerous things I didn’t know was here. It goes to show how powerful marketing and social media is in today’s society and how every business, small or big, needs to utilize it.

Downtown PKB has been a great learning experience and internship opportunity, and I know serving as the Events and Marketing Coordinator will hold the same value.  I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to work at Downtown PKB and with Wendy again. I look forward to the adventure that awaits me in the future at Downtown PKB.

For more information about how you can get involved, contact me at

Andrea Shirey