Family Owned Business for over 100 years Joins Partner Program

McClinton Chevrolet and Mitsubishi joined our Partner Program at the beginning of October this year. The Partner Program was designed to “help move our organization forward in terms of financial diversification and serve as a way to connect the community to our mission”, says Wendy Shriver, executive director of Downtown PKB. Interested community members and businesses of any size can become a Partner of Downtown.

McClinton Chevrolet was founded in 1915 by J.S McClinton as the Parkersburg Transfer and Storage Co. Over the years, the company organically grew as we added the General Motors franchise in 1919.  The company grew with the market and the Mid-Ohio Valley, as part of the landscape, offering news and used cars, certified services, and a body shop and collision center. Fast forward 102 years, four generations of the McClinton family, owned and operated, and 65 employees, we are happy to welcome them to our Partner Program.

We are happy to introduce the fourth generation of the McClinton family, Ginny McClinton Bowden and her husband, Wyn Bowden. The Bowden’s joined the team in July 2017 working alongside longtime employees and customers.  They are proud to be a part of this dealership, full of wonderful employees, most of whom have worked here 25 years or more, and look forward to getting to know the community and their customers.

We took some time to sit down with McClinton Chevrolet and Mitsubishi and Ginny Bowden to talk about their outlook on Downtown Parkersburg and its importance to their business’s success.

Q: How did you hear about Downtown PKB’s Partner Program?

A: I read about it in the News and Sentinel when Dupont joined the program in September. After being away for the last 15 years of my life, I knew I wanted to get involved and promote the community and development of our downtown. Downtown PKB recognizes that opportunity and is doing an excellent job promoting it. It was an easy decision to get behind this organization and their mission.

Q: What appealed to McClinton Chevrolet about the Partner Program that could help your business?

A: We strongly believe in our community. It is because of our locals that we have been able to proudly serve the Mid-Ohio Valley for 102 years. We’ve provided jobs to generations of families and in turn those employees have provided us with dedication, loyalty, and hard work to ensure good service to our customers.  It is our customers that keep us going. Therefore, it is important to us to give back and partake in the progress and development of this wonderful town. With development comes prosperity, and with prosperity comes success.

Q: How do you want to impact the community around you through McClinton Chevrolet?

A:  Our goal is to provide exciting, safe, and reliable products and services to our friends and neighbors in a simple, direct and honest manner that will earn McClinton Chevrolet & Mitsubishi the privilege to serve this valley as it has since 1915. We are well on our way to our 200th anniversary and we know that fair dealing and integrity is our bedrock.

We want to treat our guests in the same fashion we wish to be treated, politely and honestly.

McClinton Chevrolet & Mitsubishi has been an integral part of the Mid-Ohio Valley’s past and we intend to be a big contributor to the future.

Q: With the holiday season here, what promotions do you currently have going on?

A: The end of the year is always an exciting time in the car business. Both Chevrolet & Mitsubishi incentivize their vehicles so we can push 2017 models and make room for 2018s. Chevrolet is running Employee Discount for everyone, which means you pay what I pay. This is a great time to buy if you are considering trading up! All we ask is for the members of our community to give us a chance and support your local Chevrolet & Mitsubishi dealer. Mitsubishi is also running some attractive deals with up to $3500 off 2017 Outlanders and Outlander Sports. It is a brand known for its safety features and offers a 10-year 100,000 mile warranty. Not to mention, they are all wheel drive!

Q: Why is a vibrant downtown important to McClinton Chevrolet and the community?

A: Downtowns have declined since the 1950s in most towns across America. Over the last decade, there has been a rebirth and resurgence. It offers opportunity for individuals and businesses. I believe a healthy downtown is key to a successful and strong community. Downtowns are powerful symbols that represent iconic landmarks and our local history. If done right, our downtown can serve as the engine of our economic and social development. I also believe that the revitalization of our downtown will keep young people here, or rather bring them back and facilitate business, economic diversity, creativity, and an attraction of visitors. We have customers that have purchased 20 vehicles from us throughout their lifetime. We want their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to come to us for their vehicle needs; therefore, we must have a desirable and successful town to keep the young talent here. A healthy business is ultimately the greatest asset that any community can, and must have, and it is up to us to support each other!

For more information on how you or your business can support Downtown PKB by joining our Partner Program, visit our website at

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