Pickering Joins Partner Program


Pickering Associates in Parkersburg joined our Partner Program in April of this year. The Partner Program was designed to “help move our organization forward in terms of financial diversification and serve as a way to connect the community to our mission”, says Wendy Shriver, executive director of Downtown PKB. Interested community members and businesses of any size can become a Partner of Downtown.

Pickering Associates is a full-service, multi-disciplinary firm offering project management, architecture, surveying, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and process engineering, automation and controls and construction administration services. Established in 1988, Pickering Associates was founded as an engineering firm that has developed into an integrated architecture, engineering and surveying company providing services in education, government, healthcare, industrial, oil & gas and private sector clients. Pickering Associates has successfully executed more than 10,000 projects across the Mid-Ohio Valley and beyond with a team of 90 employees.

We took some time to sit down with Pickering Associates and talk about their outlook on Downtown Parkersburg and its importance to their business’s success.

Q: When you think of downtown Parkersburg, what comes to mind?

A:  Parkersburg’s history is embedded in the fabric of downtown, in its ornate buildings and structures. When I think of downtown, I think of every person and business that had a hand in shaping the downtown we see and experience today.

Q: What interested Pickering Associates about Downtown PKB’s Partner Program?

A:  Our employees live, work, and play in the communities that we serve. We believe it’s important to invest in our communities, and improve the quality of life for our clients, families, neighbors and friends. By supporting Downtown PKB, we know that we are supporting the type of downtown community that contributes to a high quality of life here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Q: Why is a vibrant downtown important to Pickering Associates?

A: Downtown Parkersburg is the heart of our city – A vibrant and thriving downtown is a sign of economic growth and cultural diversity.

Q: Downtown Parkersburg works to inform the community of local events and current promotions, besides that, what events do you have coming up later in this month?

A:  Pickering Associates is celebrating our 29th Anniversary this month with our Annual Fall Festival here at our headquarters in Parkersburg.

Q: Besides just downtown Parkersburg, what should the communities know about Pickering Associates? What makes Pickering viable to our area?

A: Pickering Associates is the premier full-service, multi-disciplinary architecture, engineering and surveying firm in the Mid-Ohio Valley, with extensive experience in healthcare, education, industrial, civic, oil & gas and private industries. In addition to serving our region’s local business owners, we assist businesses looking to relocate to the Mid-Ohio Valley by offering top-quality design services.

For more information on how you or your business can support Downtown PKB by joining our Partner Program, visit our website at downtownpkb.com/donate.

For more information about how you can get involved, contact me at courtney@downtownpkb.com.