Take time to appreciate what was…just don’t stop there.

Growing up in a family with just one car (which my father drove to work), meant taking the bus if we needed to do an errand. I can clearly remember the excitement of seeing it pull up near my house and wondering what adventure my mom would take us on that day. One of my favorite stops was always downtown at G.C. Murphy’s. But don’t think this is an article about the “glory days of downtown,” Thirty-some odd years later, I cringe when I hear someone say “there’s nothing to do downtown.”

I’ve looked at old photographs that show lines of people waiting outside restaurants and cars lining the streets. The truth is, downtowns across the nation have changed and ours is no exception. But it is up to us to balance our appreciation of what was with our excitement over what can be.   

This week, our team worked to get the 2017 events calendar posted online and as we added events from our downtown businesses and organizations, the excitement grew. The event list spilled over onto page after page. Nothing happening downtown? Not so fast. Let’s take a look at what happened just over the weekend…

Friday night was opening night at the Actor’s Guild with Barefoot in the Park. The show was phenomenal! There was also an Italian Wine Dinner at the Blennerhassett Hotel with a menu to die for and the wine…well, let’s just say a good time was had by all.

Saturday was busy from one end of MarketStreet to the other! The Point Park Marketplace held a Meal Prep Workshop designed to help those who are always on the run and never finding time to cook! The Parkersburg Art Center had their second Arty Party, Barefoot in the Park had its second showing, folks were sweating it out at the Market St. YMCA for a cardio class, and The Coffee Bar wrapped up the evening with a Comedy Night.   

Sunday started with brunch at The Coffee Bar and yet one more showing at the Actor’s Guild.  Still think there’s nothing to do in downtown? This was just one weekend and I promise you that things only heat up from here on out. With new businesses slated to open soon, the Downtown PKB event calendar full, and our current businesses thriving, there really is something for everyone in downtown.

The next time someone tells you there’s nothing to do downtown, I encourage you to share our event calendar with them (downtownpkb.com) or invite them follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what event is coming up next! (And chime in…we’re always looking for feedback on our posts and new ideas). The year ahead is filled with some of our traditional events that everyone loves and a few new ones that are sure to peek your interest.  And by all means, take some time to remember the “good ole days” but allow yourself to dream a little too about what could be. You never know, those dreams just might come true.

By Andrea Shirey, Events & Marketing Coordinator at Downtown PKB
Email Andrea at andrea@downtownpkb.com